Heather Walters

Graphic Designer


I have been an artist since I could wrap my hands around a crayon. My parents said I drew masterpiece after masterpiece on every wall of the houses we lived in. Growing up I loved drawing and anything that had to do with art and being creative! The kids in my class, in every grade until I graduated high school, asked me to draw things for them.

After graduating high school, I moved on to Washington State University where I studied Fine Art. It was there that I discovered that I wanted to be a graphic designer. I transfered from Washington State University to The Art Institute of Portland where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design.


I have been designing on and off for 10 years with businesses and clients. I believe in helping my clients promote their businesses with modern, clean and unique designs that you will not find anywhere else. It is my goal to make sure my clients needs are not only met but exceed their expectations with creative designs and superior service.